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Bitcoin Value Blog – First Edition

Welcome to The Official Bitcoin Value Blog! I am Evander Smart, Founder of Bitcoin University. I have formerly written almost 1000 Bitcoin value-related articles for major sites like Cointelegraph, and CryptoCoinsNews. Here, we will update you, 5 Days a week, on Bitcoin value & the latest Bitcoin daily news. Thank you for stopping by and we look to update this blog at least 5 days a week with Bitcoin content regarding Bitcoin price, Bitcoin news, or Bitcoin value in relation to other assets, like gold, USD, EUR, and others.

If you are brand new to Bitcoin, you have missed some amazing growth, but you really haven’t seen anything yet!  These are exciting times, and Bitcoin’s growth in the global economic marketplace has taken the world by storm! At about this time in The Internet’s history, that network started to take off and go viral, too.

Bitcoin is truly unique!

Many in the mainstream media look to compare Bitcoin to many things, even resorting to ridiculous market comparisons, like Tulip-mania, which I believe took place in Holland over 150 years ago! That’s a pretty desperate stance to take, comparing a digital currency that can be sent worldwide in seconds to a flower that can die in an hour. Bitcoin cannot be killed, and will always have more value than a dead flower, even under the worst-case scenario.  If Bitcoin ever fell to one penny in value, I’d gladly buy all the Bitcoins you have.  Just for changing the future of money, forever, it deserves much more respect than any mere flash-in-the-pan flower market.

Nothing has had this much potential future impact on the world’s economy since the original free global network, The Internet. Nations, governments, and companies around the world are swooning over Bitcoin’s native blockchain tech, while also trying to attack Bitcoin’s currency out of the other side of their mouth. Pretty sad display, really, but not unexpected in the least. The mainstream cannot monetize Bitcoin, or exploit it, so why admit its value?

Anyway, thanks for stopping by, and please check out our YouTube channel  and the official Bitcoin University website here or learn how to start accepting Bitcoin in just 3 minutes, faster than setting up a Twitter account, by visiting this page.  Take care.